Janet Jackson’s Billionaire Hubby Stops The Checks From Coming In For Female Employee Who Filed Sex Assault Charges Against A Colleague!

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We thought Janet’s hubby was a good guy, now we’re not so sure! The billionaire businessman reportedly fired an employee who filed a sex assault case against a colleague after an incident during a business trip earlier this year.

Via VG.com reports:

Billionaire Wissam Al Mana, husband of famous popstar Janet Jackson, signed the letter of termination for Marte Dalelv (24) after she reported being r@ped in Dubai.

The 6th of March this year Dalelv reported a colleague for r@pe while on a business trip in Dubai. Earlier this week, Dalelv was sentenced to 16 months in prison after being convicted for having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol without permission and giving false statement to the police.

Ms. Dalelv received a letter from her employer Al Mana Interiors three weeks after she reported the rape, informing her that she was suspended from her position, effective immediately.

The ninth of April she got a new shocking letter: Her contract was terminated due to «unacceptable and improper behavior». This time it was the company’s managing director, Mr. Wissam Al Mana, who himself signed the letter.

Al Mana writes the following in the letter he personally signed:

Dear Ms. Dalelv,

Further to the suspension letter notified to you on 20th March 2013, we hereby inform you that you employment with Al Mana Interiors W.L.L. is terminated for misconduct and breach of your employment duties, effective immediately.

As mentioned is the suspension letter dated 20th March 2013, your employment agreement is termination due to your unacceptable and improper behavior during your last business trip in Dubai, which has resulted in your arrest by the Police Authorities in UAE.

The full and final settlement of any outstanding benefits can be discussed wih Mr. XXXX XXXXXX. At the same time, you are requested to hand in any company property given to you on account of company work.

The present letter has been given in accordance with article 61 of the Qatar Labour Law no 14 of (2004), and a copy of which will be submitted to the Labour Department, for their records.


Wissam Al Mana
Managing Director

Dalelv is now living in the Norwegian Church Abroad in Dubai because she has run out of money due to the trial.

It’s bad enough that this woman was allegedly assaulted — now she is fighting for her own freedom!

SMH @ the bogus a$$ backwards laws that discriminate against women in the Middle East! This woman has lost her job and everything she worked hard for because she’s a woman and society there dictates that even if she was forced into sex with someone not her husband — she’s in the wrong.

We weren’t there so we don’t know exactly what happened, but this seems so shady!

Janet we hope you haven’t gotten yourself tied up with the wrong person AGAIN!

Photo Credit: WENN/Mattis Sandbland/VG

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