Faking It: 10 Couples Who Seem To Be Pretending They’re In Love

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Couples Pretending To Be In Love

We know love when we see it. We know relationships in trouble when we see them, too. These couples hang around together but we’re not too sure that love lives there. But for whatever reason, they are trying to keep it together.

Take a look at couples who seem to be faking it until they make it.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen – Well…we know why these two aren’t cuddly but nevermind.

Kanye and Kim – Kanye doesn’t even seem to look at her. You gotta learn to live with regrets.

Will and Jada – They used to have something special but Will is doing his own thing and they have been on the ropes for years now.

Chris Brown and Karrueche – It was clear early in the game that Breezy had no intention of making it last but he smiled and kept it moving anyway.

Coco and Ice T – Ice is still hurt after what Coco did…and it’s probably a matter of time before she’s on the curb.

Chris and Adrienne Bosh – Yeah…nevermind.

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    Kobe and Vanessa – There’s still so much hurt there. We can smell it.

    Oprah and Stedman – C’mon…you think they still get it poppin’? Really?

    Bill and Hillary – They’re together for political reasons and political reasons only.

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