Bow Down Bey: Humpback Hov Outsells Beyawnsay’s Tour In The UK

- By Bossip Staff

People are finally bored with King Bey. What is the world coming to?

Jay-Z Outsells Beyonce

Next thing you know Rihanna will be outselling Bey and when that day comes you know it will be time for Bey’s Illuminati cakes to retire.

According to Rhymes With Snitch

Beyonce bows down to husband Jay Z after Jay’s UK tour dates sell out fast while sales for Beyonce’s next UK date aren’t as brisk…

Jay Z just announced a string of concert dates in the UK to support his Magna Carta Holy Grail and the tickets sold out within minutes.

Up next for Beyonce in the UK is the headlining gig at The V festival in August and analysts report Jay’z tickets are out selling Bey’s tickets 2:1.

Bey should let Blue Ivy sing some nursery rhymes on tour…bet that will sell tickets-not.

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