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Stans like to give certain singers more credit than they deserve. Here are 9 singers who are over hyped and just don’t have “it” anymore.

Keyshia Cole

Somebody should have told Frankie’s child that the sound of a cat fighting an owl is not pleasant. Get a vocal coach and learn to sing in key.

Alicia Keys

Popped a baby and now she straining wooo…..Every since she dropped Swizz Beaks gut full, that voice has never been the same.


Justin Bieber

“Beauty And A Beat” was good, but Bieber is no Usher or Maxwell. Ten years from now he will be forgotten.


Michelle Williams

Michelle just bores us. Her voice doesn’t really stand out and it sounds like she has a struggle bird in her throat.


Miley Cyrus

“Party In The USA” was ok, but doesn’t show vocal depth. We could record ourselves singing in the shower and sound twice as good. Just twerk for us Miley.


Robin Thicke

He sounds like he’s whining on his records. It’s like he wants to go up a note, but just can’t.

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Yes, we know it’s obvious she can’t sing, but her stans use songs like “Stay” to prove she has talent. “Stay” is a bad attempt to showcase vocals that don’t exist. Sorry Rihanna Navy.


Taylor Swift

Kanye was wrong for stealing Taylor’s moment, but Taylor Swift is the most overrated artist of all time.


Macy Gray

Macy sounds like a constipated, growling bear. We can’t.


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