Young And Swirlin’: Kylie Jenner Kicks It With Lil Twist AGAIN!

- By Bossip Staff

Kylie Jenner is out on a movie date with Justin Beiber's BFF Lil Twist in Calabasas. The two were out chatting and having a few laughs before walking into the movie theater.

Where Is Jaden? Kylie Jenner was spotted on a movie date in Calabasas with Lil Twist Tuesday. SMH @ this guy’s getup. He does seem a lot — more masculine or something, than Jaden. Do you think they be messin’ around in the theater when the lights go out?

Fifteen year old Kylie Jenner was seen hanging out with a much older group of people who are known for their bad behavior. Lil Twist and his friends appeared to be picking up a few snacks and heading back to Beiber's house. The crew put fifteen year old Kylie in a shopping cart, earlier in the day Kylie was seen on a one on one movie date with Twist. With Lil Twist's recent DUI arrest, why is Kylie Jenner hanging around the Twist gang?

After the movies, Kylie was spotted with Twist and his friends buying some munchies at the local grocery store, presumably before heading to Justin Bieber’s crib to party. Kylie is only 15 and most of these kids are of age.

If you were Kris Jenner, would you be okay with this?

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