Jesus Take The Wheel: 17-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth Then Stashes Dead Baby In The Trunk Of Her Car

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This is horrible.

Girls Leaves Dead Baby In Car

According to Mail Online

A 17-year-old girl told police she gave birth to a baby six months ago and stashed the tiny body in the trunk of her car after a mechanic made the grisly discovery yesterday.

Shelby police Chief Charlie Roub said the girl told investigators last night she didn’t know she was pregnant and gave birth at home in late January or early February.

It is not known if the baby was stillborn or born healthy. she wrapped it in a blanket and put it in the trunk.

The baby’s body was found inside a copy paper box by an employee at the northern Ohio repair shop after he noticed a strange smell coming from the trunk.

The girl is a local resident and student. She has not been taken into custody or arrested.

The car, a Mazda, belongs to a family member, the chief said. They do not know the gender of the baby.

An autopsy will determine the cause of death.

The girl gave the police the name of the baby’s father but they do not think he knew she was pregnant.

Mechanic Ronnie Hamilton said: ‘The odor was so bad I decided to get curious and open up the box and that’s when I noticed the baby’

Ronnie’s fiancee Mary Enderby told the Mansfield News Journal: ‘That same car was here last week with those girls getting it worked on. I told Ronnie there was something off about them.’

She said someone came back and picked up the car, but returned it to the garage on Tuesday around noon to have a shake in the rear end checked.

‘I have five children. I had my first one at age 15, and I don’t understand how somebody could do this,’ she said.

‘I was still in high school when I had my son. I gave him up for adoption. He turns 16 on Thursday.’

She needs some serious therapy.


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