We Get It: People Who Keep Talking About Their Exes

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People Who Can’t Stop Talking About Their Exes

We get it. Break ups are hard. But we’re getting tired of hearing these people talk about them all the damn time. Your heart got broken, now you’re lonely and want attention. Just move on like the rest of us, damn!

Tahiry – She talks about Joe Budden every damn day. Move on, boo.

Siovaughn Wade – Just accept your child support and STFU.

Rihanna – Sigh. She’ll never get over Breezy, huh?

Chris Brown – Breezy is all about talking about Rihanna, too. These two need counseling.

Ray J – Yeah, we get it. You hit it first, but who cares?

Christina Milian – Dream ruined her life. Boo hoo. We’ve heard it a million times.

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    Jennifer Aniston – We don’t blame her for talking about Brad Pitt all the time. Life hasn’t been the same for her since.

    Kris Humphries – He chilled for a bit, but he talked about her forever.

    Adele – Whoever her ex-boyfriend is, he did a number on her. All her music is about him.

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