Rumor Control: Dr. Donda West Died This Morning

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We are hearing unconfirmed reports that some radio stations are reporting Kanye’s mother, Dr. Donda West, died this morning in Los Angeles. Kanye was in London and is rumored to be on his way home.

If this is true, our prayers and best wishes go out to the Kanye camp and fam. Our staff is making some calls and looking for more details.


Update: AHH and the Associated Press are now confirming that Dr. Donda West has died following a cosmetic procedure in Los Angeles. R.I.P

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  • Me


  • Sean

    hey mama..

  • Baby Please


  • ???

    I hope its not true. If it is r.i.p donda west.

  • BossLady

    Oh, god. I hope this is sooooo not true. So far, I cannot find anything to back this one up.

    Amazing how some things cross color, cultural, and language barriers.


    OMG! I really pray this is NOT true.

  • ReBeL

    WHAT?????!!! This Gotta be fake!

  • Liz

    I really hope this is not true. My prayers are w/ Kanye & family

  • Kay

    Firstly, if this is not confirmed but just a rumor why even post it? Secondly, I hope it’s not true @ all.

  • J

    I hope this isn’t true. All Hip Hop is also reporting that Dr. West died….My thoughts and prayers go out to his family if this is true.

  • justme

    i pray that none of this is true!

  • karen

    So very sad if it’s true. Hopefully there will be more to the story if it is and if it isn’t true, it’s a shame so many haters in the world.

  • Jay-Z #1 fan

    I hope this is not true. If so Kanye my prayers are with you man.

  • BETH

    sorry to his this losing your mother is hard special a good loving mom.sad

  • wdstk

    So sorry to hear this. May God be with you Kanye.

  • Bunmi

    Unfortunately, it is true. I live in Chicago, and his own artist Rhyme Fest was on WGCI talking about her death. Fest is really close to Kanye, and he is a valid source. Let all of our prayers go out to Kanye and their friends and family.


    It’s always a shame when there’s a death in the family – regardless of their status. Sorry to hear about Kanye’s loss.

    Must add that perhaps this sad experience will bring him down off of his high and back to reality that:

    1) We all suffer the same losses. It doesn’t matter what you have materialistically because that’s NOT what is judged in THE END and

    2) Comparing yourslef to Jesus is a disrespect to

    Jesus AND God. There is something to be said about humility – and humble Kanye is NOT.

    Be strong Kanye, and open your Bible(KJV)

  • Erykah

    It is true!! My respect to his family. This incident may just humble him sorry to say and/or can make him stronger! God don’t give you nothing you can’t handle!! I think it will be a struggle in the beginning but he will be alright!!!

  • BlackGirlLost

    R.I.P. Dr. West. My condolences Kanye…

  • Mary J Blige

    this is devastating. i wonder what was the cause? my heart goes out to Kanye and his family. she was taken away too soon. May God be with him and strengthen him in this troubled hour.

    all my love & prayers

    Mary x

  • scorpio

    i just heard that she had an allergic reaction to medicine whilst getting a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. bananas!!!

    i hope people don’t start making jokes saying she should’ve been on kanye’s work out plan.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    AP (Associated Press) printed the story so it appears to be true. Condolences to Kanye and the West family!! I lost my mom 11 yrs. again and it’s one of life’s most painful experiences.

    To those of you talking about this humbling him, have a heart!! Now is NOT the time to talk about his arrogance, ego, etc. This man just lost his mother, so save all the ignorant comments and vain judgment about his character for a more appropriate time. Damn people, show some compassion!!

  • milian

    Man this has been a hell of a week. My first love and good friend died from internal bleeding on tuesday and one of my best friend’s mom died on thursday. I went to a funeral yesterday and one today. I am 23 and never really experienced death.

    My thoughts and prays go to Kanye and his family.

    This is to prove how fragile life can be, remember if you love someone dont wait to tell them, b/c tomorrow is not promised!

  • Dr. Heather

    Oh my God…my prayers are with him and his family. It’s such a tremendous loss to lose someone you love…

  • MsTaz

    R.I.P. Ms. West. My mom knew her when she worked at CSU. She was a brilliant professor.

    Yes please leave the the ignorant statements for another time. He just lost his mother. Now is NOT the time. Losing a parent is NEVER easy.

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