Athletes & Hoes: Lammy Kardashian Told Khloé His Alleged Mistress Was Just A Relentless Groupie!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Well, he probably wasn’t lying when it comes to that point. There is no doubt about Jennifer Richardson’s groupie status.

Via RadarOnline reports:

Lamar Odom told his wife Khloe Kardashian that the woman claiming to be his mistress, Jennifer Ricahrdson, is nothing more than a notorious NBA groupie that he has turned down on multiple occasions for sex, is exclusively reporting.

The latest round of reports that Lamar has been unfaithful to Khloe, “are nothing new. Lamar has told Khloe that Jennifer absolutely isn’t his mistress, and that the two were never romantically involved,” a source told Radar.

“According to Lamar, Jennifer is a notorious NBA groupie, and follows various teams around during the season. Jennifer has been relentless in her pursuit of Lamar. Khloe is aware of the temptations that Lamar faces out on the road, and she is choosing to believe him at this point.”

Richardson recently revealed her year-long romantic relationship with Lamar, 33, in a tell-all interview with Star magazine. She divulged that they discussed having a baby, were in love, hooked up in several cities and even had a threesome with another woman.

According to Lamar, “there are at least 7-10 hardcore female groupies that follow the Clippers on the road. The women are actually friends, and know that most of their desired conquests are married,” the insider revealed.

“It doesn’t faze them. For the ladies, it’s all about hooking up with a player, and they are very aggressive in their pursuits.”

Khloe, 29, refuses to end their marriage even though she first kicked Lamar into a separate bedroom and then out of the house.

One of the main reasons Khloe is standing by her man is because she “wants nothing more in the world than to give Lamar a child. They have been trying to get pregnant for over three years, with no success. It’s definitely taken a toll on their marriage, but Khloe is determined to have his baby, no matter what,” the insider says.

Do you think Lamar really smashed that Jennifer Richardson jawn to smithereens on multiple occasions? If she was following him around on the road we think it’s likely. But uhhhh all that stuff about loving her and wanting her to have his baby seems super fugazi. If you were Khloe would you stay?


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