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Do you think George Zimmerman was really innocent?

Do you love Bossip and want to be apart of our new segment, The Bossip Hangout?

Bossip Hangout is a discussion moderated by Senior Editor, Janeé Bolden. The hangout will be a recorded Google Hangout session consisting of popular youtube vloggers and avid Bossip readers. Each segment will be focused on popular topics that are currently trending online and important to the Bossip audience. This week’s topic will revolve around George Zimmerman and ONLY people who believe he was rightfully found not guilty. We are only interested in talking to people who believe in Zimmerman’s innocence!

Readers who are interested must submit their contact info with a photo to and tell us what you love about Bossip and why this topic is important to you. The subject line must read “Bossip Hangout – George Zimmerman”


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