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Alicia Keys born Alicia Augello-Cook reveals to Newsweek that she had another name in mind before choosing the stage name “Keys”. She was going to go with the name Alicia “Wild” until her mom said that surname was too stripperish. Good look mom, because that name sounds pretty wack compared to Alicia Keys.


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  • ThaBossLadee


  • Mary J Blige

    Alicia is like Golden Brooks to me. Stunning one minute and wack-faced the next. smh. there is too much goin wrong with that picture for me to even begin.

    Lots of love,

    Mary x

  • kai

    She looks like she lost some weight and I dont think its going to look really good for her. “Wild” would have been a stupid name. She is no where near wild. “Wild” would be Beyonce. She was hella confused for that one lol

  • Bronx Brawler

    Beautiful..Mary J did I see you on Warburton?

  • weezy

    Wild is ok now that she is on that rock tip, I guess she meant to go that route all along

  • Mzgapeach

    wild….she may be lol

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Yeah, I read this in the newspaper this morning. Glad she went with “Keys”, it’s a natural fit.

    SMH @ the Mary J imposter. Ya know, I’m still trying to figure out the psyche of folks who post as celebs. Seems a bit pathetic/crazy to me. *shrugging*

    Fake Mary J, I’m curious. Are you a stan, do you lack personality/creativity, did you think it’s cute? What?

  • John

    OOOH Alicia, I like this on you!! You are beautiful!!


    Thank God for motherly intervention!

  • cb

    Happy Founders Day to the lovely ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority INC. 85 years of service and lovin it

  • lacyd

    I think she looks nice in that picture, but I’ve diagnosed her as being un-photogenic. I’m not hating, because I’m not photogenic either. She looks really pretty when she’s performing or just interviewing, but when she poses, she looks really akward a lot of the times.

  • Brit

    she’s better then that outfit – she has the talent! Let the others go there, gurl. Missed you glad your back- feeling the album

  • Mahogany

    Keys is soooo fitting.

  • Baby Please

    She’s been looking kinda crazy in the face lately.

    I suppose it’s weight loss.

    That pic above: not a good look.

  • YoYo

    What the hell is she wearing?? That look like something Beyonce would wear not Alicia… I want her to get a new stylist I don’t like how they are trying to transform her.

  • Ladye

    This is just not a good picture of her. Her eyebrows fade into her forehead and her liner is too thick.

    Normally she looks so pretty. I don’t know what happened here.





  • jai

    this is kinda … real old news.

  • John

    Some people just jealous. They know the girl look good and they hate to say it!!

  • Sun Goddess

    Alicia is like Golden Brooks to me. Stunning one minute and wack-faced the next. smh. there is too much goin wrong with that picture for me to even begin.

    Lots of love,

    Mary x


    You know, JUSTSIT already checked you on your fraudulence calling yourself Mary J Blige, so I won’t say anymore behind that. I will say why do you put ‘Lots of love,’ after your statements when it seems clear that this last statement has no love whatsoever? Do you not realize you (whoever you are) are that transparent?

  • Sun Goddess

    Anyway, Alicia looks like a goddess, as usual.

  • Mary J Blige

    Sun Goddess the same applies to you!

    (no love)


  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Fake Mary J, I’m shaking in my boots….LMAO…silly rabbit.

    You really do a disservice to the real persona and really couldn’t be a true fan!! You have zero class and really sound like an angry psychotic fool. All you do is make nasty, caustic remarks so obviously, your life sucks and you’re probably an unhappy, ugly soul hiding behind a computer screen. Umm, “e-thuggery” is not my style. I just call assclowns as I see them.

    You’re really not that smart because if you were, you’d know that what you are doing constitutes identity fraud/theft and if at any time, an investigation were to be launched…you’d be in trouble.

  • Hi5 Codes

    I like Keys a lot more than Wild, lol.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    lacyd, like the way you broke it down, now maybe this simpleton will see just how wack and weak the impersonation is.

    Fake Mary J, you are unmitigated dumbness personified!!

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