Elsewhere In The World: Man Watches As “Bloodied” Body Falls From Airplane And Crashes To The Ground

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Bloody Body Falls From Airplane Traveling Over West Africa

In a bizarre story near West Africa, a man says he watched as a black person’s body landed and was later found by police lying in blood after falling out of an airplane en route to the country’s capital.

via Huffington Post

Niger’s interior minister says a body fell from an Air France plane as it approached the West African country’s capital, Niamey, and was discovered lifeless in western suburb.

Abdou Labo said a resident was standing just a few meters from where the body landed at around 5 a.m. Thursday. He said police arrived and found “the lifeless body of a black person, lying in blood.”

He also said blood had been spotted on the left wing of the plane.

Labo said the plane was coming from Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, and was scheduled to continue to Paris.

Officials were holding the plane in Niamey so crew members and passengers could be interviewed. Investigators in Ouagadougou are also looking into “the conditions in which the passengers boarded.”

Sooooo either somebody pushed this person….or he jumped. Either way, something sounds shady. We’ll keep you posted if this story continues to develop…


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