Freakin’ Tweetin’: Ashanti’s Pervy Peen Pic Sendin’ Stalker Popped For Posting Raunchy Twitpics To Her Page!

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So much for d**** in boxes…

Ashanti’s Stalker Arrested For Sending Sexually Harrassing Pictures Of Himself To Her Twitter Page

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Same Ashanti-crazed loon, different platform.

Devar Hurd — the Chicago-area pervert convicted in 2010 of sending cellphone pics of his crotch to the R&B singer via her manager mom — has been thrown in jail for allegedly continuing his lurid campaign, this time contacting Ashanti directly via Twitter.

The 35-year-old loon, who on his Twitter profile boasts he is “Livin fun, fit, healthy & nekkid,” sent her more than 100 since- removed “graphic” and “sexual” tweets between getting out of jail in November 2010 and now, prosecutors said.

“Your honor, the entire family fears for its safety,” prosecutor James Vinocur told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Steven Statsinger on Wednesday in asking successfully that Hurd be held on high bail.

“Yeah, it’s me, the falsely accused stalker,” Hurd tweeted earlier this month.

Hurd on his Twitter account calls himself a songwriter and recording and mixing engineer.

He is being held in lieu of $750,000 bail and is due in Manhattan court today on charges of felony stalking and aggravated harassment.

It’s not just Ashanti that is getting an eyeful, her sister Kenashia was harrassed as well!

The charges include him allegedly approaching Ashanti’s younger sister, Kenashia, at a West Side event in October 2012, according to the criminal complaint against him.
Hurd has been living in Brooklyn and working as a technician, his lawyer said at the arraignment.

“That’s sex texting, is what it is,” he had explained on the witness stand of sending Ashanti’s mom, Lisa Douglas, a picture of his erect penis to be passed along to the singer. “For the ladies!”

“We wanted to thank the authorities for doing their jobs. Ashanti and her family are moving forward and want to put this behind them,” a spokeswoman for the singer said yesterday.

Ladies, keep it 100, have you EVER enjoyed gettin peen pics from men???

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