In Crazy White Girl News: Amanda Bynes Says She Was “Roofied” With GHB On Blind Date

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We think Amanda is on something..we just don’t know what.

Amanda Bynes Says She Was Drugged On Blind Date

No one has to drug Amanda for her to act crazy. The girl is on a natural high. We hope this didn’t happen, but she still needs to get help.

According to Radar Online

Amanda Bynes told one of her only friends, Ana Rivera, that she was “roofied” during a blind date with the drug GHB and has all the details and text messages about the incident from Amanda herself.

According to Ana — who claims she met Amanda last November on the street in New York City — the troubled actress sent her a text message in February detailing a date with a guy who she thought she was doing cocaine with, but now believes it was the date-forced sex drug, GHB.

“She sent me a text to tell me that she got ‘roofied’ one night, when she was on a date with a guy and ended up in hospital,” Ana said.

“She thought he was giving her that white girl, but when she sniffed it, it made her feel like she was dying, and ended up in hospital. I was like you can’t see that guy again.

“That was one of the last times I talked to her,” Ana said.

“I suddenly couldn’t get hold of her and then read she’d changed her phone and email and wasn’t talking to anyone. It was like she was dropping everyone at once.”

As previously reported , Ana is not surprised by Amanda’s bizarre behavior or her 5150 psych hold, and thinks the former Nickelodeon star will die if not placed in conservatorship of her parents.

“She’s good at being lucid when she’s crazy. If [professionals] let her out, she will pull the wool over her eyes. If she is not pinned down to the bed, she will run away,” Ana said.

“She is worse than Lindsay [Lohan] or Britney [Spears] , no one can reach her. She’s going to have to be there for months and she could even be institutionalized for the rest of her life.”

Ana also claimed Amanda killed her last dog (not the one involved in the driveway fire with her) by letting it jump off a cliff in the Hollywood Hills.

“I was really concerned when she got that dog for its safety, as the last Pomeranian she had in Los Angeles that she left just wander away and it fell off the cliffs in Hollywood Hills. She told me about it and started crying when talking about it,” Ana said.

“I’m glad the dog is safe and with her parents. She cant even take care of herself let alone a dog, although without that dog I dread to think what would have happened to her. Over the last year, they’ve been her only friends.”

SMH. It is good Amanda’s friend is putting her on blast..that’s what real friends do in this situation.


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