Race Matters: Pew Poll Discovers Majority Of Whites Think Race Received More Attention Than Deserved In Zimmerman Case

- By Bossip Staff

The Zimmerman trial may be over, but our country still remains divided about it.

Via PeoplePress.Org reports:

The public is divided over the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial and over the conversation about race that has surrounded it. The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted July 17-21 among 1,480 adults nationwide finds roughly as many satisfied with the verdict in the case7-22-2013 1 (39%) as dissatisfied (42%), with nearly one-in-five (19%) offering no opinion.

More broadly, 52% say race is getting more attention in this case than it deserves, while 36% say the case raises important issues about race that need to be discussed.

African Americans express a clear and strong reaction to the case and its meaning: By an 86% to 5% margin, blacks are dissatisfied with Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin. And nearly eight-in-ten blacks (78%) s7-22-2013 2ay the case raises important issues about race that need to be discussed. Among whites, more are satisfied (49%) than dissatisfied (30%) with the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. Just 28% of whites say the case raises important issues about race, while twice as many (60%) say the issue of race is getting more attention than it deserves.

Not only do reactions to the outcome of the case vary widely across racial lines, but overall interest levels also are very different. When asked, in a separate survey, what recent news story they are talking about with friends and family, 63% of blacks volunteer the Zimmerman trial compared with 42% of whites. Nearly six-in-ten African Americans (58%) say they followed news about the verdict and reactions to the case very closely compared with 34% of whites.

The great thing about White privilege (for White folks at least) is that it’s really easy to pretend racism doesn’t exist. It’s sad that some folks can’t have empathy enough to recognize racial profiling for what it is.

Are you surprised by the results of the poll?

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