In Wacko White Folks News: Amanda Bynes Anorexic After Her Mom Told Her ‘She Never Looked Better’ When She Was Just 100 Lbs.

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Poor thang!

Amanda Bynes’ Friend Says She Is Struggling With Her Weight

Via RadarOnline reports:

Not only is Amanda Bynes allegedly struggling with a mental illness, but a former friend claims the troubled actress also has major body dysmorphia stemming from comments Amanda said were made by her mother, Lynn Bynes, and has all the details.

Ana Rivera — who was friends with Amanda from last November until recently — says she is 100 percent convinced that Amanda suffers from severe body image problems and says Amanda told her her mother was always on her case about her weight while growing up.

“She got her cheeks pierced and a few tattoos within a couple of weeks, it’s classic body dysmorphia. She was really obsessed with how she looks,” Ana said.

“She says her mother gave her stuff about her weight when she was growing up.”

What’s more, Ana claims Amanda is obsessed with getting her 5’8″ frame down to a bony 100 pounds, because Amanda said that’s when her mother told her she looked the best.

“She told me she wanted to be 100 pounds. When she was in the film Love Wrecked, she had just got mononucleosis and lost a load of weight, and her mum told her she’d never looked better,” Ana said.

“So she kept saying: ‘I want to be 100 pounds, I want to be 100 pounds.’ When I said 100 pounds was too skinny for her, she said: ‘Once you’ve been 100 pounds it’s hard not to want to be it again.’”

And coupled with her body issues are odd eating habits, Ana claims.

“She had weird eating habits,” Ana explained.

“She’d only eat turkey bacon. But she would eat candy in secret and had a big stash of candy in a cupboard.”

Amanda, 27, will remain in the psychiatric hospital for another two weeks while her mental health is evaluated.

If you were such a good friend then why didn’t you help her when she needed you. If you really care about her then STFU and let her family do what they have to do. Demeaning her mother won’t help her case.

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