Money Ain’t A Thang: 10 Most Charitable Celebs In The World

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Wealth-flaunting zillionaire Jay-Z recently sparked widespread debate when he said his mere presence is charity in response to Civil Rights icon Harry Belafonte’s challenge to be more socially-responsible/charitable. It’s true that celebs don’t owe us anything but what makes Hov (who destroyed a $400K Maybach in a video) believe he’s above doing more for the poor?

Here are the ten most charitable celebs in the world. Take a look.

Bill Gates

The iconic college dropout-turned-innovative billionaire has donated over $28 billion through his generous Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Oprah Winfrey

Mother O has donated over $60 million to various charities including her very own Leadership Academy in Africa, Angel Network and several other groups.

Warren Buffett

Famously-wealthy, he’s one of the most successful investors of the 20th century who pledged to give away 99% of his $46 billion fortune to charity. To date, he’s donated $3 billion.


The Colombian Beyonce donated $40 million to earthquake victims in Peru and hurricane victims in Nicaragua and another $5 million to help children in impoverished areas.

Mark Zuckerberg

Everyone’s favorite billionaire dweeb donated $498.8 million to Silicon Valley Community Foundation to support education and health.

George Lucas

The legendary “Star Wars” director pledged $4.05 billion to a foundation focused on education.

“I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education. It is the key to the survival of the human race.”

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    Hollywood’s philanthropy-obsessed power couple have adopted several orphans from war-torn countries/donated over $20 million to various charities and disaster relief initiatives.

    Bruce Springsteen

    For years, the globally-beloved music icon has anonymously donated millions to low-income Americans and performed at every high-profile benefit concert.

    50 Cent

    The infamous Rap villain set a goal to feed a billion African people by 2016 through the United Nations’ program. So far, he’s provided more than 3.5 million meals.

    George Clooney

    He’s donated several million to disaster relief and been Pres. Obama’s most active celeb supporter/fundraiser responsible for over $20 million in campaign donations.

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