For Discussion: “Good” Black Men List The Top 10 Reasons Why They’re Still Single…Are The Ladies Really To Blame?

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Brace yourselves, ladies. According to these jilted gentleman…..its’ ALL your fault

Top 10 Reasons Good Black Men Say They’re Still Single

Most people can agree that the dating game and how to master it is one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Finding a person who is willing to give up their singledom for the long haul with total confidence that the other person won’t screw them over or morph into a totally different man/woman once the cuffs are on is no easy feat in any culture and, well, African-American singles seem to be having a particularly hard time as of late.

But who is to blame?

According to a recent surveying of “good” single black men done by the folks over at The Victory Unlimited Show,  women are to blame….completely. Sigh.

But, ladies, before you swear off all black men based on that statement alone and start a buss-it-open-boycott, take a look at 10 of the 12 reasons courtesy of  and see if you can make sense of them.  Anything look familiar?

10. They’re the right man at the wrong time

9. They meet too many women who believe that single, good black men are “too good to be true.”

8. They keep meeting too many women who don’t really know what they want

7. They’re nobody until somebody else loves them. Not enough women see them as a prize unless a lot of other women are chasing after them first.

6. They keep meeting women who are not interested in them, but only in how much money they make.

5. They can’t pass the “Women’s Girlfriend Approval Test.” If the women’s friends don’t like them, then that woman won’t give them a chance either.

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    4. They keep meeting black women who don’t respect them just because they “are” black men.

    3. They’re not wanted because they’re not needed. Too many women have told them that they don’t “need” a man.

    2. They keep meeting women who put them in the wrong category by writing them off too quickly as not being their “type.”

    1. They keep meeting women with unrealistic expectations for what they want in a man.

    Our humble opinion is that 50% of this list makes sense, while the other half of it sounds like grown men whining instead of stepping up to the plate, away from the scallywags and big booty gold-diggers, and doing what it takes to land a good woman…..and keep her.

    Word to the wise, gentleman: once you put in the work, a good woman will make it all worth it in the long run. Just saying.

    So, ladies, what do you think of this list? And fellas… these reasons ring true for you?

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