Sellouts? 7 Black People Who Blames Black America For Its Problems

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7 Black People Who Blame Black America

It seems like every few weeks we get another Black person coming on television talking about how Black America is to blame for all of Black America’s problems. We should all know better: there’s no one answer to the problems and just blaming Black America is really shortsighted. But let’s look at some people who do it anyway.

Bill Cosby – He has always said Black people need to educate their kids and all will be well.

Don Lemon – He just agreed with Bill O’Reilly that sagging pants, education and blah blah blah.

Herman Cain – He went on a big spiel during his run saying the exact same thing.

Stacey Dash – She became a total conservative and has been spouting that nonsense ever sense.

Ben Carson – He’s been getting flack for saying Black people are to blame for their own issues.

Clarence Thomas – He’s the unofficial “Uncle Tom” of the Supreme Court and his comments have backed that label.

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    Charles Barkley – He backs Black America from time to time but he also is very candid about his belief they have reasons to blame themselves.

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