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He’s one of the top black models in fashion and we’re proud to say we’ve been down with Shaun Ross from the beginning so we’re extremely ecstatic that after being featured in videos for Katy Perry and Beyoncé, the striking albino brother is stepping into the acting arena alongside Lana Del Rey in the new short film “Tropico”.

He’s already facing some criticism on Twitter from folks who have questioned the casting decision…

BOSSIP spoke with Ross exclusively, and he had this to say about his new role:

Working with Lana Del Rey has opened my eyes to a brand new world of thinking when it comes to music . THe way she captures the essence of her thoughts into sound if just amazing. While filming we have had time to bond with one another which was amazing. She is super humble and I am sure the film TROPICO is going to turn heads upside down and not left to right.

Lana is known for her artful (remember “National Anthem?) so we’re looking forward to seeing what this is about.

Here’s a little more about the film, via Guardian reports:

The short is described as “a tale of redemption”, but it appears to be a glorified music video for three songs from Del Rey’s most recent EP: Bel Air, Body Electric and Gods and Monsters. The movie stars Del Rey and actor Shaun Ross, who also appeared in a previously released video for Bel Air; the Bel Air clip has now been removed from Del Rey’s YouTube channel. Anthony Mandler directs, and photography is being provided by Del Rey’s sister, Chuck Grant.

In other words, Lana Del Rey is doing her part to keep up with Yeezy and his massive video productions. Should be interesting.


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