But Why?! Top 10 Busters Who Keep Getting Beautiful Women

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Ten Lames Who Stay With Beautiful Women

We want the best for the women out there in the world. But for some reason they go around picking sorry busters. These men are lucky to get picked by super fine women despite the fact they’re chumps.

Take a look and hope these ladies do better.

Ray J – He’s chopped down Kimmy and is now getting it in with Somaya? Word?

Bow Wow – From Ciara to Miss Simmons, Bow is winning despite his cornball status.

Stevie J – The Rat Faced chump is getting it in with Joseline AFTER he chopped down Eve. And he’s still slithering through life.

Chris Brown – He dogged out Kreayshawn and Rihanna at the same time while treating women he comes across like s***.

Scott Disick – He’s lame and he treats Kourtney like trash…but he still gets to chop her down somehow.

Rob Kardashian – His list is monumental even though he’s a true butt head. Right, Rita Ora?

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    Dwight Howard – How does this fool keep all of these baby mommas on deck?

    David Otunga – He just got one woman – Jennifer Hudson – but we’re baffled about how he even did that.

    Mark Sanchez – He is the worst QB in the league but he’s chopped down Eva Longoria and Kate Upton. What?!

    Alex Rodriguez – His roster is legendary but he’s a chump and he’s been on roids so he can’t even hit it right! SMH.

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