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Columnist Blames Jay Z For Aaron Hernandez’ Killing Spree

Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, recently wrote a piece claiming Hov is one of the reasons NFL player Aaron Hernandez turned to a destructive life of crime and violence despite a very profitable NFL contract.

Via Fox Sports:

Athletic culture trumped Hollywood culture.

This is no longer the case. Jay-Z, a rapper who glorifies his former life as a drug dealer, has far more cultural influence than LeBron James. Jay-Z is this generation’s Joe D, and Beyonce is Marilyn Monroe.

Al Capone is a bigger deal than Babe Ruth.

Aaron Hernandez is a reflection of where we are as a society. Like Allen Iverson and an endless plethora of fatherless and directionless modern athletes since the end of Michael Jordan’s reign, Hernandez saw his athletic gifts as a platform to represent where he was from, not where he hoped to go.

He repped the 860. He kept it real. He stayed true to his boyz from the ‘hood. He mimicked the mindset of the pop-culture icons we celebrate today.

The writer continues:

Jay-Z is the new gold standard. The whole sports world played along with Jigga Man’s charade of NBA ownership. Now Kevin Durant and other athletes are flocking to Hova’s sports agency. An unrepentant, flamboyant former drug dealer has the White House, President Obama-stamped seal of approval.

Proving we learn nothing from our history, drug prohibition has legitimized the drug dealer the same way alcohol prohibition legitimized bootleggers (Joseph Kennedy). You let corrupt people make enough money and eventually they’ll use their wealth, power and influence to bait others into participating in and rationalizing their corrupt actions.

Rappers and musicians are rebels. They look normal in prison tattoos and white Ts.

We can no longer distinguish bad from good. We no longer even aspire to be good; it has considerably less value. That’s what Aaron Hernandez represents, to me. Popular culture has so eroded the symbolic core principles at the root of America’s love affair with sports that many modern athletes believe their allegiance to gangster culture takes precedence over their allegiance to the sports culture that made them rich and famous.

You cannot continue to attempt to lay this violence at the feet of the Hip-Hop culture. Their was senseless violence BEFORE Hip-Hop. GTFOWTBS!!!!!



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