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Men Who Want To Chop Down Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a hot commodity these days. She’s got the donk, the attitude and the who knows what else to get people mesmerized by her goods. It’s quite fascinating, actually. These celebrities have no qualms admitting they want to give her the goods. She just has that effect.

Take a look at the people who want to get it on with Miss Nicki

Drake – He’s admitted to having a crush on her but she’s rejected him over and over again.

Lil Wayne – He’s said he loves that donk and definitely enjoyed their video shoot.

DJ Khaled – He just “proposed” to Nicki Minaj even though he’s married. Sigh.

Rihanna – She’s indicated how much she loves Nicki’s rump and we know she’s down to mix it up.

Kendrick Lamar – Go listen to “Black Lip Bastard Remix” and you’ll know why he’s here.

Justin Bieber – He’s said his crush was Nicki…think he could handle it?

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Amber Rose – Nicki rapped about having a moment with Amber and Yeezy and Amber has returned the “love.”

French Montana – His celebrity crush is definitely Nicki…thoughts, Trina?

Mindless Behavior – Nicki is their crush…she’s probably put them through puberty.


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