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Sounds like Britney has been giving Miley a few lessons in Hollyweird 101. No wonder she’s been widlin’ lately!

Miley Cyrus Talks BFF Britney Spears Being The Only One That ‘Gets’ Her

Former teen-queen turned twerk-a-lot rebel chick Miley Cyrus says she’s glad to have a friend in fellow popstress Britney Spears because she knows what it’s like to not be able to get away from the glare of the lime light when going through tough times and having your lifestyle overshadow your talent.

via E! Online

It sounds like Miley Cyrus is pretty happy to have a friend like Britney Spears.

The 20-year-old singer says she and Spears have bonded over being the subjects of constant media attention and scrutiny.

“Everyone goes through a time in their life where they don’t want their picture taken everyday,” Cyrus told Huffington Post U.K. of Spears. “She just never had that time where she could say, ‘I’m going through something right now and need to shut down.’ I also don’t have that, so it’s good to have that one person in my life who gets it.”

Cyrus says she and Spears can relate when it comes to focus on their personal lives overshadowing their music and professional careers.

Cyrus dished, “I just think it’s never blaming you or making you feel like, ‘You’ve got all this going for you,’ it’s like she knows. Sometimes life just steps in the middle of your career the way life always does for anyone—it’s just ours is a little more 24/7.”

Well, Britney is definitely one who knows all about that public-life struggle. Do you think she’s a good mentor for Miley?



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