Almost Over: 9 People Holding On To Their Careers For Dear Life

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9 People Barely Holding On To Their Careers

Maintaining a career is pretty tough these days. One minute you’re hot the next minute things are falling apart. Whether from fault of their own or different circumstances, these careers have been on the ropes for a while now. We won’t be surprised if they disappear soon.

Here are some careers that are barely there.

Manny Pacquiao – He has been getting his tail walloped in the ring and it’s only going to be worse. He used to be someone.

Ciara – Her album is on Groupon? Like, where you get Golden Corral coupons? That place?

TSG – ALL of these dudes are in full-fledged struggle mode and they don’t even know it. Maybe they do?

Tyra Banks – She’s barely relevant and kissing Bow Wow won’t help.

Ray J – Nope. “I Hit It” wasn’t exactly a hit, now was it?

LL Cool J – Dude really tried to make it seem like that country rap thing would work. Your acting career is straight but those rap checks have definitely stopped coming in.

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    Chris Tucker – He’s trying to make it seem like he has a comedy career…but he doesn’t and bombing at the BET Awards proved it.

    Nelly – He’s still kicking…and no one is listening.

    Stacey Dash – When was her last acting role? We bet it was all struggle.

    Lindsay Lohan – She played Elizabeth Taylor and totally jacked the role up. Welp. You had your chance.

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