No Church: Jay-Z’s Biggest Career FAILS

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Jay-Z’s Biggest FAILS

Jay-Z isn’t perfect. While plenty of you out there want to pretend he’s your daddy or Jesus, Jigga has made mistakes. Big ones. He’s screwed up because – don’t look now – he’s HUMAN! It’s okay. Take your time with the info. It’s okay.

But seriously, even Jigga fails. And we’re here to point them out. Here are Jay-Z’s biggest FAILs.

The R. Kelly Tour – This was a disaster from jump. Kellz was crazy and peeing on chicks and Jay was in a different zone. So it blew up and Jay had to go the tour on his own.

The R. Kelly Albums – Best Of Both Worlds part 1 was mediocre but part two was Jay’s worst album and a terrible move.

The Un Situation – Jay messed around and lost his tempter in the club, having to settle out of court for an assault case. Bad move.

Kingdom Come – This was Jay’s return album and it was his worst solo album by a wide margin. Everything about it stunk.

The Retirement – Remember when Jay was supposed to retire and fade to Black? We were all had.

Def Jam President – Jay was a terrible president from a Hip-Hop standpoint. Rappers ended up hating him because of it.

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    Super Ugly – During his feud with Nas, Jay dropped a song that was supposed to get back at him. It was the worst song of the entire feud.

    Charity Work – Jay has come under fire for his charity work or lack thereof and his response has been less than desirable. You can do better than this, Jigga.

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