Playing With God: “Religious” People Caught In Huge Scandals

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Religious People Caught In Scandals

We’ve gotten desensitized to the notion of religious people doing some sort of dirt. Over the years, so many churches, preachers and people proclaiming their faith have gotten caught in acts that put their churches to shame.

While these wrong acts are a big deal, we’ll be exploring more in the near future.

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Kirk Franklin – He had a nasty adult film addiction he couldn’t curb for a while.

Eddie Long – He was out there messing around with teenage boys and sending Under Armour selfies. SMH.

Dwight Howard – He came into the league as a judgmental religious nut, but that went to hell when he got a taste of sweet, sweet rumps. Now he has kids all over the country.

Creflo Dollar – He was arrested and charged with assault on his daughter but the charges were dropped.

Jeremiah Wright – He damn near cost Obama the presidency with his crazy antics. Then he said he’d come at the Obamas in a book.

Jamal Harrison Bryant – He was put on blast when his wife alleged he was beating her and cheating. But his ministry didn’t suffer.

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    The George W. Bush Effect – Many Black churches were under fire for telling their congregations to vote for George W. Bush in return for monetary benefits from the Bush party. Was it really worth it?

    Thomas Weeks – He guilt his empire with Juanita Bynum but that fell apart in the divorce and he allegedly attacked her in a parking lot.

    Juanita Bynum – She tweets in tongues and got arrested for debt issues. Hmmm…

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