Bang Bang: 8 Rappers Blamed For Chicago’s Gun Violence

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Why blame outdated gun control laws or gun-crazy Republicans who reject stricter firearm legislation when you can blame Hip-Hop for gun violence? Let’s be real, Hip-Hop DOES influence our youth in both negative and positive ways but the main cause of inner-city gun violence? Nah.

Here are eight rappers blamed for gun violence, especially in Chicago, where a new Moguldom documentary series on the city’s “gun problem” was recently filmed (For more info, follow them on Twitter: @MoguldomFilms or visit on Facebook).

Chief Keef

The mop-headed filthball is the unwashed face of his “live fast, die young” generation whose obsessive gun worship makes him an easy target to blame, for everything.

Southern Rap legend T.I. on Chief Keef: “He represents a part of the youth in America that ain’t really got a voice right now. We looking at ’em, and we’re seeing the results of their actions, but we ain’t really listening to ’em”

Lil’ Reese

Like Chief Keef, Reese has an army of young fans addicted to his intoxicating hooks which earned him a Def Jam deal.

Lil’ Mouse

Ask yourself this: Does a fun-sized 13-year-old who raps about street life really influence other kids to shoot each other? Could HE be the reason little kids find their parents’ loaded gun and shoot their sibling? Uhhh nah.

King Louie

He completes the Mount Rushmore of “scary” Chicago “gangsta rappers” responsible for ALL of the bullet-torn city’s gun violence (according to conservative talking heads). Co-signed by Kanye, he’ll soon blow and be held responsible for every shooting like the other three.


It’s nearly impossible to defend a rapper who looks like THIS with the name GUNPLAY which explains the pressure from his label (Def Jam) to change his name (Don Logan).

Waka Flocka

His name is the sound of a gun firing and he screams BAOW BAOW on records so that makes him a menace to society, right?

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    Gucci Mane

    The hood-beloved rapper shot and killed the man who Jeezy (supposedly) sent to kill him and sparked controversy when he spoke at an Atlanta-area school. Most authentic rapper in the game? Many believe so.


    Before Tip Huxtable was a wholesome family man, he was a superstar trap rapper who was caught (and locked up) for attempting to buy a small army’s worth of guns.

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