Say it Ain’t So: Madonna Jealous of Her Own Daughter?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Man, stop.  They’re saying Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, is growing up and developing some tasty cakes of her own and Madonna ain’t having that ‘ish:

Not only does Madonna have to worry about young pop stars crowding her spotlight, she also has to contend with competition from an unlikely source: her 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon!

“I think Madonna can’t stand that Lourdes is growing into a beautiful teen,” a source tells OK! of the 50-year-old singer. “She seems envious of her youth and looks. She knows Lourdes is going to be gorgeous and will get the attention of the opposite sex. Knowing Madonna’s taste for younger guys, it’s a matter of course that they’ll be dating men the same age. It’s disturbing.”

Not surprisingly, the superstar is desperately trying to keep her daughter in a permanent state of girlhood. Last year, the beauty team on Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour had strict orders not to touch Lourdes’s bushy eyebrows.

“That was a battle Madonna eventually gave in to,” the source says. “Lourdes recently had them shaped.”

Cracks in the once cozy mother-daughter relationship first started to show at a Gucci gala benefiting UNICEF and Malawi last Feb. “Madonna refused to let Lourdes have a hairdresser. She probably didn’t want her daughter to look better than her,” the source tells OK!.

For the entire scoop on Madonna and Lourdes’ rocky relationship, pick up the new OK! — on newsstands everywhere!

Y’all, for Madonna not to let this poor child get her hideous eyebrows done is truly triflin’ activity by a mother.  Madonna’s just an old ho trying to stop her daughter from shining.  Damn.

“Oh, em, gee” @ Lourdes’ eyebrows in the first thumb.  Uh uh, Madonna.


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  • bae19

    eff A madonna’ man-stealing behind

  • kahmmmillion

    They look exactly alike…unibrow and all!

  • Mz_Magnificent1 AKA Thee Official Aaliyah Stan

    Hating on your own lil creation??? Yep its official Madonna is nutso…

  • Never Know

    Its really scarey how much they look alike hopefully the daughter will fill that gap.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Bless her heart… those brows are… solid.

    But is there a reason this is on BOSSIP?

  • Lady J

    I don’t believe that about Madonna…she lost her mother at a young age, and I’m sure (me being a mom too) Madonna just adores her baby girl… she doesn’t want her to grow to fast…that’s all…

  • Ermy Erm ( The Chi is Ice Cold today, but 50's by Saturday!)

    Lourdes is gonna be beautiful. I have heard of mothers being like this with their own flesh and blood but i didnt know Madonna was like that. i’m not surprised though. i heard she was so vain.

    But is there a reason this is on BOSSIP?
    Yeah Bossip why

  • Taylor

    She is not cute.

  • D'ana

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  • Moreaces

    They do look alike, and Madge had that unibrow when she first came out,, The daughter however is better looking than Madge, I have never thought she was all that even when she was young, but the daughter is going to be hot.

  • Lisa Vee

    I agree with Lady J….Madonna lost her own mom early in life and didnt get a chance to have that mother-daughter relationship and is trying to make up for the lost.

  • truth, iam a girl

    I believe Madonna just trying to preserve her daughter’s innocence! Gosh why ya always have to taint stuff!!!

    On the other note, Madonna has no reason to be jealous, cause she is the pop star not her baby girl. Uh mother and daugther trauma.. whatever. Madonna and every other cougar needs to grow up!!!!

  • http://bossip tiababy09

    i COMPLETELY agree with “LADYJ”.

  • reese615

    @ all who ask why it’s on Bossip

    The next post y’all the same niggaz who will be like why is Bossip always bringing race up per “the swirl” or something. Just behave, would y’all??

  • Dame Beso

    HAHAHHAHAHA @ “unibrow”….LMAO!!!!!!

  • Sawyer

    Maddona is basically looking in the mirror and seeing a younger version of herself when she looks at her daughter. And I’m sure her daughter knows all about her mom’s “early day antics”.

    So for her to sheild her daughter from becoming the hoe she once was/is is gonna be hard cause Maddona isnt the role model she may think she is. I mean your running around town with A Rod and now with some other young buck. I mean hey get yours but please believe your daughter is witnessing it all and taking notes.

    But yea those eyebrows is the work of the devil. Glad she stuck up for herself and took the weed whacker to that unibrow!

  • msfre1

    Maybe jealousy isn’t even the issue here. Could it be that Madonna doesn’t want her daughter to follow the same path as her? She is trying to keep Lourdes pure, innocent and grounded. The girl is ONLY 12. Now when she is in high school still rocking the unibrow, we might need to be concerned. Right now she is 1 day out of elementary school, so she don’t need waxers, hairdressers and stylist quite yet.

  • http://Mine It's a true R&B singer

    Madon is not jealous…I won’t believe that until I hear her say it…She has adored that girl since she came out of her…She is going to be soooo gorgeous…Wait til Hollywierd gets a hold of her…

  • gofigure

    Mags is just having a flashback
    to her OWN teen years (she as
    much as admitted to being a “mini ho”
    as a teenager), and realizes that
    her daughter will be a teenager
    And the apple doesn’t fall too far
    from the tree …

  • Candid Canuck

    Lourdes look like an Italian immigrant still..

    shave those eyebrows!!! or pluck’em

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Her daughter will not be young and dependent forever…eventually she’ll be able to take care of herself and look fabulous.

  • AsiaA

    What the hell?

    I hardly think Madonna is jealous of anybody.

    she is a woman VERY in control of her image. her “old” a*s is still out there every night poppin’ it like a 20 year old (albeit with Popeye arms). AND she’s screwin’ hot young guys.

    If anything, i can see Madonna grooming Lourdes into a mini version of herself. but Lourdes is still a baby, and Madonna doesn’t want to throw her to the wolves just yet.

    Lourdes is at that age where they start wanting to do older girl things (like waxing eyebrows, wearing make up, or getting nails done). When i was that age, my parents weren’t all that eager to let me do that stuff either…but i also didn’t have a uni-brow.

    and you can tell by their body language that her and her daughter are tight. that’s her baby girl. her mini-me.

  • elle

    hmm thank the heavens she did something about those eyebrows cause I tell you, they haunted me many of nights

  • Carla

    Why does she hate Lourdes ?
    She looks just like Madonna when she was younger.

  • barb

    as a rule, i’m not too keen on the idea of a 12 yr old getting her brows done.
    BUT…that unibrow qualifies as an exception to my rule.

    -madonna needs to let her unibrow grow back in, since she loves it so much.

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