Not Even a Brown Paper Bag Over the Head Would Help

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s another case of someone that has asscheeks for breasts, but in this particular case, the titties also look like they might smell like ass as well.

Delusional broad of the year, Schatar “Hottie” Taylor attended 1st Annual Hip Hop Regional Music Awards looking gross as usual.  When is she going to ditch that nasty blonde wig and blue eyeshadow combination and get some dresses that fit her rack properly. SMH.

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  • I Stay SMH

    asscheeks? lol

  • Bahama Mama


    Lmao why she always got that “there’s nuttin going thru my mind” look on?

  • im_unique

    She can’t be serious…I’m truly embarrassed for her. I don’t think anything can help this chick. YUCK!!!



  • rosemarybaby

    huh asscheek tits but for though why dat bytch always look surprised….anybody dat kissed flava flav definitely smells like azz

  • I Stay SMH

    my daughter has that wig. it cost $22. she also has that dress in blue but it came with glass slippers

  • anony

    its a shame that with the education she has she chose this kind of lifestyle

  • smartie

    I wonder how long she stood in front of the mirror to make her lopsided eyes open evenly. I’ve never heard of any Hip Hop regional awards. Must’ve been held at Skate World.

  • Notch

    lol..why does she look like a reject black barbie that they sell in the 99 cent store??

  • pm

    eew – anyone notice the ash on her knees? someone needs some lotion!

  • Miss Dee (in transition)

    I just know she has a couple (or more) scalp sores from that nasty azz weave. Probably got fleas hopping around in it too. She’s past delusional, she’s appears to be psychotic. Send strait jacket STAT!!! YUCK!

  • andie

    ladies, if the seam of your dress/shirt does not rest appropriately UNDER your breasts, it does NOT fit. i hate seeing those shirts that draw a line across the chest! it’s not flattering.

  • lolo

    Naw wait wait waaaaait something aint looking right about her and she still thinks shes hot.

  • Miss Dee (in transition)

    @ smartie

    “I wonder how long she stood in front of the mirror to make her lopsided eyes open evenly. I’ve never heard of any Hip Hop regional awards. Must’ve been held at Skate World.”


    You’re probably right Smartie, from the looks of the stains on the carpet. LMAO!!!

  • oppo

    She looks faaaaat!!!Are you on a millionaire&celebrity dating site A friend there told me that he saw your profile with some your pics. That sounds funny, you went there for dating hot guys?


    Hottie is a Hot Ass Mess. The Hair. The Makuep. The Boobs. The Dress. All Disasterous. Damn right scary. She should not be allowed to go out of the house without taking her meds.

  • Lady Architect

    Andie you are so right!….The dress simply doesn’t fit n she looks dumb.

  • smh

    i wish i couldn’t see her spanx through her dress.

  • NubianGoddez

    This one should have been filed under Jesus take the wheel. egads!!

  • Mzgapeach

    Her “shape” isn’t bad she just needs to dress for her body and dem titties

    and that damn wig is just deformed

  • kdogg

    Be sensitive in what you say, this is somebodys child.

  • Notch

    LOL @ kdogg

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty


  • Mz_Magnificent1

    LMAO @ kdogg!!!

    But seriously does she not own a mirror…that wig/weave/whateva looks like it STANK!!!

  • dontaskme4shyt

    A hot funky mess…

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