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‘Cause who needs Barbie when you can give kids FETUS DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!! SMH.

Pro-Life Group Hands Out Fetus Dolls To Children At State Fair

An anti-abortion group is catching serious side-eyes from the North Dakota community after they shamelessly handed out ‘fetus dolls’ to children at the local state fair.

via THG

It appears as if one North Dakota anti-abortion group is skewing a bit on the creepy side with their latest move.

Some people go to the State Fair to sample various fried goodies and perhaps ride the Ferris Wheel. The Minot Right to Life group however? They went to hand out little squishy fetus dolls to children.

Even fellow pro-lifers are giving this the Scooby-Doo “wth” look. Rob Port, editor of conservative blog Say Anything, noticed his 5 year old daughter with the toy and wasn’t too pleased.

He later commented on his blog, “Whatever group is out there trying to promote the pro-life message by handing out squish alien babies, stop. You’re doing more harm than good.”

These pro-life extremists really do take the term “creep life” to an entirely new level sometimes.



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