Belated Birthday Bucket List: Smack George Zimmerman…..And 9 Other Things We’d Like To See President Obama Do Before His Presidency Ends

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Happy belated birthday to President Obama! Now, before you go….

Things President Obama Should Do Before His Presidency Ends

Yesterday, President Obama celebrated his 52nd birthday and we hope it was a good one.

Now, in honor of the continuously growing majority of black folks who still operate on “CP” time (don’t get mad, you’re probably in the number too), we’ve put together a list of things, both serious and suggestive, that we’d like to see the POTUS do before he throws the deuces to the oval office for good.

Take a look……and be sure to let us know if we missed anything.

1. Smack George Zimmerman across the face with a raw steak (hopefully he won’t try to eat it) on national television
….before sending him to share a jail cell with Jerry Sandusky for eternity

2. Replace Columbus Day with “National Durag day”
….like a real Chi-town ninja would

3. Do the “turn up” dance after he signs the next bill into office

4. Demand that his face be given a place on Mount Russhmore.
Cause what if he really is the only African-American President ever?? Just saying.

5. Introduce cousin Terio to Sasha.
Yeah, she’s older but….they could really be great together in the future.

6. Drastically redefine the “Stand Your Ground” law to include provisions for harsh consequences on those who abuse the law
…or do away with it altogether.

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    7. Do this dance on stage with Michelle at the White House Correspondents Dinner

    8. Make Ann Coulter apologize for being racist beyotch while wearing Miguel’s BET Awards lacefront bomber jacket and require her to choose between doing missionary work in Africa for 10 years or having Trinidad James serenade her every morning for life as punishment for her endless foolery.

    9. Veto the Voter ID, Equal Pay For Women,
    …and every other law into office that would have worked to benefit the working class if it hadn’t been shot down by the GOP goons

    *BONUS* Change the National Anthem to the “My President Is Black” remix for the last 90 days of his term and hold a special State of the Union address to show all of Congress to reciting it in its’ entirety

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