Jesus Take The Wheel: 5-Year-Old And 7-Year-Old Brothers Strangled To Death In Their Sleep By Python That Escaped From Pet Store

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This is so sad and could have been prevented.

Brothers Killed By Snake

According to Mail Online

Two small brothers, age 5 and 7, have been strangled to death in their sleep in Canada, by a massive python that escaped from a pet store below the apartment where the children were staying.

The pet store owner Jean-Claude Savoie says the creeping horror slithered into the apartment in Campbellton, New Brunswick, through the ventilation ducts this morning and crawled into the ceiling.

It somehow punched a hole in the ceiling and dropped onto the small boys from above. It then coiled around them and crushed them as they slept together on the floor.

Mr Savoie, the owner of Reptile Ocean in Campbellton, described to Global News how he found the two boys dead in his apartment about 6.30am on Monday.

The boys are brothers, the children of Mr Savoie’s best friend. He said they often sleep over at his apartment.

‘I thought they were sleeping until I (saw) the hole in the ceiling. I turned the lights on and I (saw) this horrific scene,’ he said.

‘(The snake) went through a ventilation system. I don’t understand how it did it. It went through the ceiling… and the snake fell through the living room from the ceiling,’ he said.

The snake is not usually handled by anyone in the store and Mr Savoie said he does not know how it escaped its cage in the pet shop.

He said he has owned the giant snake for more than a decade.
‘My body is in shock. I don’t know what to think,’ he told Global News.

The two boys are the children of a friend of Mr Savoie who were having a sleepover at his apartment above the pet store.

The horrifying deaths of the two children shock residents of the small city of 7,400 in northern New Brunswick.

‘It’s very nerve-wracking. If one got out, how many else got out,’ neighbor Diane Fournier said.

Ms Fournier said that the young boys were fixtures in the neighborhood and often seen playing outside.

Police said an autopsy will confirm the exact cause of death, though officials believe the boys were crushed to death by the snake.

Mr Savoie said he captured the snake and turned it over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who are examining the snake.

Those poor babies…to be strangled to death in your sleep. Somebody needs to get sued and charged with negligence.

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