Dirty Dancer Diaries: Chris Brown’s History Of Alleged Side Chicks

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Chris Brown’s Side Chicks

Chris Brown isn’t exactly Mr. Charming when it comes to the ladies. He keeps women wanting him then he finds a way to keep getting caught with side chicks and his main joints don’t care. You think it’s exaggerated?

Take a look at all the women’s he’s been allegedly caught with.

Just last night he got caught with this blonde bomber who really wanted to go home with him.

Rihanna – Let’s not forget that while he was with Karrueche he was chopping down Rih Rih.

Karrueche – She was a side chick during the Rihanna era, too.

There’s this mysterious chick who came along allegedly after a break up with Karrueche…but it’s not clear if they’re actually broken up.

Blair Pena – She’s Karrueche’s friends who had no shame giving Breezy the goods and making Karr Bear freak out.

This waitress was linked to Breezy but she said she doesn’t date Black guys.

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    Natasha Ellie – She was the woman Breezy was supposed to have been texting the night of the fight.

    Party Girl – She waas at a party Rihanna attended and Breezy still hollered! SMH.

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