Celebs Be Lyin: 8 Big-Name Artists Who Canceled Shows Due To A “Mystery Illness”

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Neo-Soul GOD/recovering dope fiend D’Angelo recently canceled five shows on his tour due to a “mystery illness” that left him confined to a Maryland-area hospital. Whether it’s SARS, a legit sickness or drug-related, no one knows, but folks rarely believe artists when they claim to be “sick” and “unable to perform.”

Here are eight big-name artists who canceled shows due to a “mystery illness.” Take a look.


The widely-beloved Soul crooner canceled shows at the very last minute without any explanation and left his fans disappointed and confused.

Statement from his agent: “[D’Angelo] expresses his sincere regret due to this unfortunate circumstance. It’s serious, but he should be OK.”

SERIOUS…but he SHOULD be OK? Sooooo he’s back on that Paula Patton? or…?


Everyone’s favorite hoodrat princess had a very sophisticated “mystery illness” that allowed her to tweet, appear at NBA Playoff games and pour it up at parties but not perform as scheduled.

For days, rumors swirled that she had The Pregnant (or a side chick transmitted disease from Crunchy Karrueche) which proved untrue and her “Diamonds Are Forever” tour rocked on.

Alicia Keys

The struggle-voiced side chick-turned-wife was forced to cancel stops on her “As I Am” Tour due to a “mystery illness” that her reps later revealed was “swollen vocal cords.” And by “swollen vocal cords,” we’re sure they meant Mono.

Janet Jackson

The legendary Whispersetto Queen canceled a string of “Rock Witchu” tour dates due to a “sudden mystery illness” that left her hospitalized. It was later revealed that she suffered from “vestibular migraines” (vertigo) which sound made up but whatever.

R. Kelly

The (alleged) creepy masked sicko canceled shows/appearances due to a “health emergency” that was later linked to his vocal cord surgery (or pissy Pied Piper antics).

Lady Gaga

The bizarro Pop Goddess canceled a Purdue University performance due to a “mystery illness” probably caused by wearing raw meat as clothes.

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    Toni Braxton

    Too broke to get sick (again)? You’d think so, but she did during her “Toni Braxton: Revealed” Vegas show series and canceled several shows. No, her Lupus wasn’t acting up but her reps revealed she suffered from chronic chest pains triggered by bounced checks.

    John Mayer

    The accidentally-racist Pop crooner canceled his European tour due to a “mysterious illness” that probably stemmed from kissing industry jump-off Taylor Swift in the mouth (repeatedly). Only he knows.

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