Man Slores: The Most Promiscuous Men In The Game

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Biggest Man Slores Around

There are a lot of promiscuous women out in the world. And they get all of the attention for being so. But nobody focuses on men who are promiscuous too. These guys deserve ridicule and jokes as much as any woman in the world.

And we’re going to do just that. Take a look.

Lil Wayne – He’s going to get a bunch of women pregnant at once and be cool with it? Oh.

Dwight Howard – All those baby mommas aren’t normal.

Chris Brown – Breezy has been landing side chicks and main chicks like they’re #1 hits.

Drake – He’s been going after video girls and skrippers left and right…let him cook.

James Harden – Is he the biggest slore in the NBA? He’s getting there.

Antonio Cromartie – He’s also got damn near a dozen baby mommas so he’s one of the worst.

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    Bow Wow – He stays with fine woman but there is a such thing as too many.

    Tiger Woods – His fast ways ruined his marriage and his career.

    Chad Ochocinco – He was cheating early on in the game and is a slore of slores.

    Bill Clinton – The presidential freak hound is the most important slore of all time.

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