SMH: Man Who Had Forced Sex With Homeless Woman Discovered Hours Later Lounging By Stranger’s Pool Reading A Newspaper

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How do you have forced sex then go read a newspaper?

Man Has Forced Sex With Woman Then Reads Newspaper

According to Mail Online

A Massachusetts man wanted for allegedly kidnapping and having forced sex with a homeless woman in the woods has been caught after he was discovered sitting naked by a stranger’s pool.

Anthony Vega, 49, of Pembroke, was arrested and charged in connection to the Saturday sex assault after he ended up in Phyllis Darling’s backyard.

Darling said she spotted Vega sitting on a chair by the pool on her property and reading a newspaper, wearing nothing by a towel.

The alarmed homeowner called police to remove the intruder. Vega was taken to Brockton Hospital for a check-up, where it was revealed that Vega is a suspect in forced sex.

The victim, a 34-year-old homeless woman from Boston, told police that Vega approached her at the Dudley Square MBTA station early Saturday morning and offered her a ride to a motel in Dorchester, the Boston Herald reported.

Instead, however, police said Vega drove for three or four hours, taking rural roads that the women did not recognize.

The 34-year-old attempted to escape and even take control of the steering wheel, but Vega reassured her that he did not intend to hurt her and just wanted to ‘make love,’ according to police.

Vega allegedly brought the unnamed woman to a wooded area near Hanson, where he held her down and raped her.

The 34-year-old woman punched her alleged attacker in the face and eventually was able to flee, but not before writing down his name and license plate number on her hand.

After making her way through the woods to a road, the woman stopped a passing motorist, who agreed to drive her to Hanover, according to the Boston Globe.

She then contacted police to report the forced sex and picked out the 49-year-old Vega from two photographic line-ups. The woman also identified his car, which was found abandoned in Hanson.

At least she has her life…good thing she got his information.


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