Crybabies: 9 Celebrities Who Can’t Handle Fame

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Celebrities Who Can’t Handle Fame

Fame is a tricky monster.

While it’s something we all think we want, it may not be all we bargained for. These famous people wanted the fame but it seems like they want it all to go away. We don’t blame them…they’re really stressed these days!

Take a look at people who probably don’t want the fame anymore.

Dwight Howard – He thought he was going to be the man in LA but he actually didn’t want that fame.

Chris Brown – He just wanted to retire because the attention was too much for him. Poor baby.

Lindsay Lohan – She’s having a huge meltdown that doesn’t end because she couldn’t handle fame.

Amanda Bynes – Yup…another glorious meltdown from the fame.

Dave Chappelle – He dropped Comedy Central after they offered him $50 million because he didnt’ want to deal with the fame.

Kanye West – You see all those meltdowns?

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    Eminem – He has had multiple meltdowns and a drug overdose. He’s much happier being a recluse.

    Houston – He freaked out and cut his own eyes out!

    Justin Bieber – Yeah, the meltdown’s coming.

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