Brooklyn Man Sold Yayo & Oxycodone Out Of Ice Cream Truck [PHOTOS]

- By Bossip Staff

Was Gucci Mane running this truck? A Brooklyn man was arrested Monday (August 5) for selling cocaine and oxycodone out of an ice cream truck. To his credit, he did actually sell treats of the sugary variety, too.

The New York Daily News reports:

Mina Gatas, 20, was caught on a surveillance video inside the ice cream truck handing an undercover cop a plastic bag with about 13 grams of coke — and an ice cream cone.
“He brazenly sold large quantities of drugs right from the ice cream truck while children bought their ice cream just a few inches away,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.


Rapper YouTubes Song About SWAT Standoff During Actual SWAT Standoff

This dude just may be the realest rapper, ever. Or the craziest. On Monday, August 5, a teen rapper recorded via himself a webcam free-styling about the police and SWAT team surrounding the Fort Collins, Colorado rental home he was inside of, looking to arrest him. But these weren’t your typical teenage struggle-bars; the incident was actually taking place live as he was rhyming.


#DarkSkinRedLip Project Tells Chocolate Girls To Pucker Up!

Who cares what A$AP Rocky has to say? Chocolate girls can rock a red lip just as well as any other hue. And a new campaign is out to prove it.

For Brown Girls, an organization founded by Karyn Washington, aims to celebrate dark skinned women while combating colorism and promoting self love through the #DarkSkinRedLip Project by inviting women of darker hues to submit pictures of themselves wearing a red lip like many celeb dark brown bangers have already done.


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