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Bill O’Reilly Insults Single Black Mothers

GOP goon affiliate and babbling bigot Bill O’Reilly was is back on his best bullisht. Joining in with the likes of many of his fellow Conservative closet racists, O’Reilly recently lashed out at the black community, claiming that black people blame white people for their biggest problems when they blame should be placed on themselves.

via News One

Conservative media’s current favorite brand of crock Bill O’Reilly is continuing on with his uninformed and highly disingenuous rant about the plight of the Black community — purportedly spurred by all the single ladies (“all the single ladies”) raising children.

After President Barack Obama’s remarks about Trayvon Martin, O’Reilly became “enraged,” because the speech, according to him, didn’t address the “real” problems facing Blacks.

O’Reilly, in all his pedantic glory, explained:

“The reason is the collapse of the traditional African-American family unit; 50 years ago when Blacks had it much worse than they had it now, 25 percent of Black babies were born out of wedlock. Today, the number is close to 75 percent.

That is catastrophic.

But the civil rights industry and the White power fracture basically ignore the problem. They also ignore the entertainment industry putting out vile products aimed at young people, some of whom incorporate the gangster culture in to their own lives.”

He continued,

“White people don’t force Black people to have babies out of wedlock. That’s a personal decision. A decision that has devastated millions of children and led to disaster, both socially and economically.”

At the root of O’Reilly’s rant was his obvious lack of GAF about black single mothers.

However, we’re confused as to how black women having babies before marriage justifies George Zimmerman being acquitted for senselessly murdering an unarmed black teenager who came from a 2-parent home. SMH.

Anywho, since he did take it there, what are your thoughts on O’Reilly’s comments Bossip fam? Does he have a point or should we put him at the tip top of the ‘ho sit down’ list?


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