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Oh, you mad? Maxwell doesn’t care.

Maxwell Lashes Out At Fans Critizing His Photos Of White Women

R&B crooner Maxwell recently caught some heavy backlash from a few of his fans after he posted photos of his latest lady love, Lithuanian model Deimante Guobyte.

Team Maxwell took to Instagram with these angry bird comments under this snapshot that he posted a few days ago of his swirly giryl and her friend:

“Here we go again with the white girls SMH Let’s see some Beautiful African Women”

“Ewww where are the beautiful sisters”

“No hate, but there is a lack of diversity and they are sooooooo skinny. #neverleaveoutyourcorefanbase”

“I’ve been Swallowed that pill.. For a about a month now you will not see him with NO women of color and this girl has her legs wide open?? Oh well to each his own SMH”

To the surprise of his followers, Maxwell ended up responding to the influx of anti-swirl comments with this message:

“Sick of some of you chiming in on my friends and innsulting them with racists comments. You know nothing you assume everything and you should know better and worship is for GOD not me so sit down”

“I don’t give a f**k,  I’m putting ever[y] type [of] girl in my Instagram go f**k yourself if you’re a racist a**hole!!!!”

Daaaammmn. Guess Maxwell isn’t here for anyone slandering his snow queens. This one in particular seems to be preeetty fond of chocolate though.

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