Random Ridiculousness: South Carolina Man Arrested For Vandalizing His Neighbor’s SUV With Buttered Toast

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Man Arrested For Smearing Buttered Toast All Over Neighbor’s SUV

A South Carolina man who probably thought he’d have the last laugh when he smeared buttered toast on his neighbor’s SUV probably isn’t doing much laughing anymore as he may face charges behind the “vandalization.”

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You know you’ve thought about doing this. Just taking something hot and sticky — a buttery piece of toast, a half-eaten jelly doughnut — and smearing it all over your annoying neighbor’s car window.

Now we know how that story ends: with the smearer carted off to jail.

Christopher Brannon, of Union County, S.C., stands accused of “malicious damage to property” after allegedly rubbing some buttered toast onto a window of his neighbor’s SUV. Apparently he wasn’t trying very hard to cover his tracks, since the SUV owner found the toast “on the ground nearby.” Police estimate the damage at $1.

We were waiting for the part of the story where it revealed the age of this person to be under 18. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


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