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Dr. Jan Adams, who performed surgery on Dr. Dondra West before her death did not follow appropriate procedures and is not certified on the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Via TMZ:

Donda West’s operation lasted eight hours — twice as long as it should have. Dr. Jan Adams began the operation Friday morning and finished Friday evening. He then sent Ms. West home, rather than to a recovery center, which would have been appropriate. Several doctors at Centinela Hospital where West was taken believe the excessive amount of time it took to perform the procedure strongly suggests either something went wrong during the operation or the doctor was just too inexperienced.

What’s up with using this FUBU doctor? This sounds like a shady Dr. 90221.

Oh yeah, and this same doctor has been arrested a few time before, here is his mugshot:

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  • Tiff

    Damn Shame

  • Candy


  • I Stay SMH

    he gon GET IT!!!!

  • iluvprada


  • iluvprada

    well at least I thought I was…LOL

  • I Stay SMH

    Jan Adams is the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon that performed on Donda West before she died.

    The shady doc has been sued for malpractice before and lost! TWICE!

    In August of 2001 he was ordered to pay $250,000 in one claim.

    In September of 2001, he was ordered to pay $217,337 in another malpractice judgment.

    Additionally, Dr. Adams has been arrested for DUI. Twice!!!

    On March 31, 2006, he was arrested for blowing a .10 blood alcohol level during two breath analyzer tests and putting him over the legal limit. The case went to trial and Adams was found guilty of driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or greater. He was sentenced to 96 hours in L.A. County jail, had to enroll in an alcohol treatment and counseling program and attend 60 AA meetings and five years probation, the papers state.

    In 2003, he plead guilty to driving under the influence and was placed on three years probation, which included a three-month first offender alcohol and drug education and counseling program and restricted him from driving anywhere but to and from work for 90 days.

    As if all that weren’t bad enough, in April of this year, the Executive Director of the California Medical Board asked the state to consider revoking or suspending Adams’ physician and surgeon’s certificate.


    I feel like a bamma for repeatedly posting this

  • itsmefool

    Im too sad right now and my heart goes out to Kanye

  • I Stay SMH
  • kipa

    Didn’t this dude used to have a talkshow?

    I swear his name is madddd familiar.

    I think it was that Men are from Mars, women are from venus show…..

  • elle

    damn…..hopefully this will put so much light on these surgeons.

    how do you send anyone home after having their body open for eight hours?

    I am so sad for Mr. Kanye West, my heart goes out to him and his family at such a horrible time.


  • Mzgapeach

    Thats fucced up……..Rip dr. west

  • sitfu

    Damn shame.

    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstrean Media

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    damn shame. all for what? damn money. Kanye doesn’t need to hear that his mother might have died from a money hungry fool. I hope they have someone to deal with the legal issues.

  • Delta Diva

    This is so sad. This si wjy you need to do research before getting any major surgeries especially plastic. There are so many shady doctors out there, people please, please be careful.

  • prettyj

    how could he send her home? always request to stay in the hospital for such major procedures. the minimum of 24 hrs

  • John McCue

    wow .. this is such a tragedy – i just wished that dr. west would have done some research and/or followed the other surgeons guidelines and received an o.k. – but i’m sure kanye will make him pay one way or another – truly sad

  • Observatrice

    Research your doctor. Find out if she/he is board certified in the particular discipline of medicine he/she claims to have expertise. Go to the County Clerk’s office where he/she practices to see if they have ever been sued. Find out from the State Medical Board of State Regents if he/she has ever been suspended. The last action is really weak though- the medical profession always protects the doctors. They literally get away with murder!

  • KG

    The whole situation is so sad and tragic. My heart goes out to the West family. This physician should not be practicing medicine. Unfortunately, it seems like someone had to die for him to be stopped.

  • nahnah

    ain’t this the skin lightening guy?

  • Say What?

    This is in fact a tragedy. It is so awful for someone to loose a parent, especially one that you have a close relationship with. And on top of it, this is being played out in front of the world. Whomever posted and said ‘He gon get it’ was correct. I doubt if this man will ever practice surgery again.

    My only issue is I would have thought that Dr West would have put more research into whom she selected as a doctor.

    This is a very sad story and my HEART goes out to Kanye and his family.

  • lacyd

    He needs to just go ahead and hang up his hat already. TMZ is definately going to dig up ANY dirt he has on him. He picked the wrong patient to eff over.

    On another note, put your trust in God. No matter what type of surgery your going in for, corrective, cosmetic, emergency, never put your faith in man. Ask that God will Guide the hand of the doctor, that you may wake up and see your loved ones. Kanye should read the book of Job. God is testing him, and I pray that he makes it through this tough time.

  • lacyd

    Oh and by the way, to all who are wishing that she would have done some research. Apparently she did. Go to TMZ, and there is an article which suggests that she consulted with the doctor for at least 4 months. She went back and forth with her decision to go through with the surgery. I’m sure she did her research.

  • LoLu

    I will bring him to Naiji and inject him with the ebola virus

  • chantai

    could it be that he was on oprah and made countless other tv appearances . Does being on tv validate your career ?

    i predict , This guy will face manslaughter charges , and the prosecution could possibly go after the death penalty , if they could somehow tie it to premeditated murder. Dr Adams was not a licensed cosmetic surgeon… Why did he have to perform a surgery if he knew he was not supposed too??? Oprah , needs to start firing her background checkers.

  • Brian O' Grady




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