Ho Sit Down: Jay-Z’s Alleged Sidepiece Apologizes To King Bey, “I Love Her And Respect Her”

- By Bossip Staff

Liv, we think it’s too little too late.

Rapper Liv Apologizes To Beyonce

Hoes stay apologizing for their slorish ways when they need to just learn their place.

According to Hollywood Life

“I would tell Beyonce the drama is unintentional, the respect is real. If you listen to the song, you’ll understand why I came out with the story. I’m not sorry, it happened, but I’m going to express my story in my songs. I do apologize for how you feel — I love her and respect her. The reason I didn’t go there and pursue something with Jay is because of Beyonce. It’s not intentional to hurt her or embarrass her or put her business out there.”

“I know [Jay] is watching and paying attention. I personally don’t have any issues with them. I’m starting an invasion movement.”

“My whole movement is just I’m basically taking hip hop and saying I can make it better. But you have all the artists f*****g each other — it’s no longer about putting out good music, it’s about who is f*****g who.”

Lol. Her whole movement is making Hip Hop better. Is that the reason for her struggle song? FOH.

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