Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Popped For Pouring Boiling Water On 6-Year-Old Daughter As Form Of Punishment

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Mother Arrested For Pouring Boiling Water On 6-Yr-Old Daughter

SMH at this broad talking about.. “I do feel bad about it”…and allowing boyfriend to pour scalding HOT water on her child!

According to CF News:

A six-year-old girl is recovering from severe burns after her mother and boyfriend admit to pouring boiling hot water on the girl, as a form of punishment. The mother worked at a daycare. Investigators say the incident happened at a St. Cloud home earlier this week.

The mother, Yadzia Ivelisse Morales, would not answer any questions as she was escorted to jail, but her boyfriend, Roberto Junior Lopez, did answer some questions. “I do feel bad about it,” said Lopez. Police say Morales microwaved a bowl of water until it was boiling, and then she and her boyfriend both confess to pouring that boiling hot water over the mother’s six-year-old daughter to punish her.

“My understanding is that the child was crying and misbehaving, and just wouldn’t stop crying, so this was their way of correcting that behavior,” said St. Cloud Police Sergeant Denise Roberts. Investigators say it was Roberto Lopez’s mother who noticed the burns while babysitting, and notified police. Despite his confession, Lopez denies actually pouring the water over the girl.

“I was not inside the bathroom. That’s all I’m gonna say,” said Lopez. Investigators say the girl was burned on her neck, face and back. The six-year-old is continuing to recover at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando with second and third degree burns over 30 percent of her body. Police say this is not the first time the couple has punished the girl in this manner. They say just a week ago, they made the girl stand in a shower under extremely hot water. “It’s extremely horrific, it’s hard for our officers to deal with, it’s hard for the community to hear. Unfortunately they do happen,” said Sgt. Roberts.

The couple faces several child abuse charges, and they are locked up in the Osceola County jail without bond. The Department of Children and Families is also investigating this case. The child has been placed into protective custody, and DCF is looking into other family members as possible custodians for when the child is released from the hospital.

They should lock these azzholes up and just pour boiling water on them ALL DAY for THEIR PUNISHMENT!

St. Cloud Police Department

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