Not That Dope: 9 Overrated Albums

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9 Most Overrated Albums

Everyone is so quick to call an album a “classic.” It seems like every time something is relatively decent, someone wants to say it’s a five star epic we’ll never forget. But the fact is, so much of these albums are just meh.

Take a look and get the debate going.

The Black Album – Jay-Z’s retirement album was middle of the road and in no way a classic. You know why? “Justify My Thug.”

Magna Carta Holy Grail – Jay-Z’s latest album is decent…but you’re tripping if you think it’s a classic.

Life Is Good – Here’s how most Nas albums work: people get really into them at first then the hype dies and they realize it’s a good but not classic album. LIG is great, but not a classic.

Sasha Fierce – Hey. Not every Beyonce album is great. Get over it.

Born Sinner – ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzz

The Carter 3 – Lil Wayne’s album was supposed to be real dope…but it was a big disappointment.

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    The N@ked Truth – Lil Kim’s album got 5 mics in The Source…sigh.

    Yeezus –White people seem to love this album…but why?

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