You Can’t Be Serious: Psycho Gun Enthusiasts Plan “Starbucks Appreciation” In Newtown Connecticut To Celebrate Gats And Lattes!

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How broken does your moral compass have to be to condone THIS isht?!

Newtown Connecticut Gun Advocates To Hold Starbucks Appreciation Day To Celebrate Firearms

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Gun advocates are reportedly set to hold a “Starbucks Appreciation Day” at an establishment in Newtown, Conn., to celebrate the ability to carry weapons in the store. Gun control groups have vehemently criticized the event as “reprehensible.”

NBC affiliate WVIT reported that gun rights advocates are using Facebook to rally supporters to head to Starbucks stores across the nation Friday to celebrate the coffee chain’s open policy on carrying weapons. The company doesn’t prohibit customers from openly carrying guns in states where it is legal. The “Starbucks appreciation day” Facebook page says they want to thank Starbucks for standing up for the right to bear arms.

One post by a Ridgefield, Conn., resident on the “CT Open Carry” page caught some attention. The resident said he and some members from the Connecticut Citizens Defense League were going to meet Friday evening at the Starbucks at 34 Church Hill Road in Newtown, the town where 26 people were killed in a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year. (The Hartford Courant has a screengrab of the post, which appears to have been taken down.)

The Newtown Action Alliance, a group set up in the wake of the Dec. 14 tragedy, responded by calling the plans “reprehensible.”

“Our community is still healing and we find it reprehensible that they are picking Newtown to rally,” David Ackert, a spokesman for the group, told WVIT. “It is disturbing to think that tomorrow night you and your children may be sitting in Starbucks when people carrying guns walk through the door.”

Says Starbucks in a statement about the event:

“Our stores are gathering places for the communities we serve,” he said in a statement. “We respect the diversity of our customers. We realize there are deep-standing passions on gun ownership. We abide by the laws that permit open carry. However, where those laws do not exist, open carry in Starbucks in prohibited … We encourage both customers and advocacy groups on both sides to share their input with their public officials. We are extremely sensitive to the issue of gun violence in our society, and we believe by supporting local laws is the best way for us to provide a safe environment for both our partners and customers.”

So basically Starbucks is too scared to lose customers by calling this exactly what it is…some ol’ bullisht! After all these folks have been through in the last year what could POSSIBLY make someone think this is a good idea?? SMH

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