Ho Sit Down: Fox Sports Columnist Compares White Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel To Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks!

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9 times out of 10 making comparisons between social/civil injustice and ANYTHING else will end badly.

Columnist For Fox Sports Makes Comparison Between Rosa Parks And Johnny Manziel

For those that are unaware, Texas A&M star quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny “Fooball” Manziel landed in hot water this week for alleged NCAA rules infractions. Manziel is accused of getting paid for signing autographs. This is a direct violation of the strict standards of amateur sports that state that athletes are not to be paid, compensated, nor given favor for their services.

Now that you have some context, read the bullisht that this silly broad wrote.

Via FoxSports

Once upon a time in this country, there were ugly, racist, tyrannical rules dictating where a black person could sit on a bus. There were all kinds of these laws, actually, created and defended by the racists who benefited from them.

What kick-started change was an average, everyday woman named Rosa Parks, who had grown tired of being tired. Hers was not the first protest, nor was it particularly the best. It was merely the tipping point for many Americans long since tired of these immoral laws.

On a much less historically significant scale, so it is with Johnny Football — and no, this is not intended in any way to compare the vast evil of Jim Crow to an incompetent NCAA investigation, or to slings from TV commentators.

It is intended to say, wrong is wrong.

Why so many came to Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel’s defense after a ticket broker went to ESPN with allegations that Manziel had broken NCAA rules and accepted payment for his autograph was because we recognize the immorality and absurdity of a system where everybody can make money off these kids except these kids.

Uh, lady, comparing Jim Crow and some spoiled white kid is EXACTLY what you just did, and it’s a pretty f***ing stupid comparison seeing as how they are NOTHING alike!

The writer’s name is Jen Floyd Engel, feel free to deposit a deluge of your thoughts into her Twitter mentions.

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