Dirty Dog Diaries: Stevie J Has A Baby On The Way… And It’s Not With “Wife” Joseline!

- By Bossip Staff



Ironically, a little more than a month ago this broad was bragging about bagging Stevie to CitizenStars:

So I flew to Atlanta from Cali to visit my homegirl a few days ago we went out the night got there because it was a few people she wanted me to meet cause im a music artist so we were basically networking, and of course as usual she put me on the spot and had me perform some of my music, and it went very well, and to make a long story short while performing I saw my homegirl in the crowd talking to stevie j which I didn’t even now was there but bout time I was done doing my thang he was gone but at the end of the night when we got back to the house she told me he asked about me and she gave him my instagram and this is the outcome, and yes I responded but ya don’t need to see all that all I got to say is watch out Ms Joseline Hernandez PROMISE B MAE is in the Building to Kill, Steal and Destroy!!I HAVE THE SCREENSHOTS”

Boy… the things attention slores will do! So who is the real victim in all this? Sounds like all these folks deserve each other in this!


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