In Angry Bird News: British Airways Ends Naomi Campbell Ban 5 Years After She Went Batisht Crazy

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Naomi always gets her way.

British Airways Ends Naomi Campbell Ban

British Airways should be careful. Naomi is still salty behid Vlad dropping her like a bad habit for his rice cake boo thang. Naomi might throw more than a cellphone at them this time around.

According to Mail Online

Naomi Campbell is back on board British Airways – five years after she was arrested for being abusive on a flight and barred from the airline.

The decision to allow the supermodel to return comes despite her accusing BA staff of racism, and assaulting police officers as they hauled her from the aircraft.

The Mail on Sunday understands that some BA workers are upset by the decision to allow her on flights – including a First Class flight to Milan on May 3 this year.

Staff are said to feel the ban should have been maintained, and accused bosses of giving the model ‘special treatment’ because of her wealth and fame.

Ms Campbell, 43, boarded the Milan flight at Heathrow Airport in London accompanied by the airline’s special services staff who give VIP treatment to First Class fliers.

An insider said: ‘Naomi upset a lot of staff, so to have her back on BA flights feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth.
‘The company should be taking a hard line against people who are abusive or aggressive – whether they are rich and famous or not.’

Ms Campbell was banned after a row over her luggage at Heathrow Airport in 2008.

Naomi has got to learn to control her temper. Maybe Vlad said, “I can’t deal with this crazy chick” and chucked the deuces.

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